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September 11th to 13th, 2020

Tennis club “Medo”, Crnčićeva 41, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

TK Ponikve, Kozjačka ulica, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Tournament opening         Friday, September 11th, 2020, at 9.00 am
Tournament closing           Sunday, September 13th, 2020, approx. 2.00 pm

Will be published on September 9th, 2020 on the official website

Right to participate have all engineers of all professions, which includes: engineers, graduate engineers, bachelors and masters of engineering and doctors engineer.
All players can participate only with signed Waiver. Waiver has to be delivered to the organizer according to Registration guidelines and the signed original is submitted at the Registration center upon the arrival to the tournament.

The deadline for early registration is August 28th, 2020.

The deadline for registration is September 4th, 2020.
Guidelines for registration can be found on the website
All players have to submit the completed and signed registration form, a signed Waiver, a payment confirmation for the tournament participation fee and at the first registration to this tournament, a copy of the engineering diploma and passport copy, or identity card copy for Croatian citizens. Delivery method is described in the Registration guidelines.


Ladies and Gentlemen entry fee early entry fee
Singles Gentlemen 32 € 25 €
Singles Ladies 27 € 20 €
Doubles per player 20 € 15 €

Tournament Participation fee includes participating on the Tournament, entry to dinner party and awards for first three places.

Ladies singles: W30-, W30+, W40+, W50+, W60+
Gentlemen singles: M35-, M35+, M45+, M55+, M65+
Ladies doubles: WΣ100-, WΣ100+
Gentlemen doubles: MΣ110-, MΣ110+
Mix doubles: MixΣ105-, MixΣ105+

Will be defined by the organizers, but in order for better estimation of group difficulties, each player at the registration has to state their playing experience in the following way: former player / senior ranked player / senior without ranking / recreational player
Each player has right to play in two categories, one single and one doubles, or two categories in doubles.
Each male player and each female player will be assured to play minimally 3 matches if playing singles.
In case of a small number of players/doubles in one or more age categories, the older age category will join with first younger category.

The tournament is played according to ITF Rules for senior player tournaments.
In the preliminary round (round robin) matches will be played by the system of long running sets (long set on 9 won games), i.e. matches without sets, on 9 won games with a tie-break rule.
In play-offs matches will be played through the best of 3 sets (a player/doubles needs to win 2 sets to win the match). First two sets in a match are played on 6 won games, with a tie-break rule. In case of 1:1 result in sets, instead of the third set a tie-break on 10 won points will be played.
Supreme referee will set up a play off draw and schedule according to number of players and doubles in categories. Play off will be played for all places in all categories.

Ranking on this tournament will be the basis for defining seeds of the tournament and group difficulties for the following tournaments over the next years.

Trophies will be award for first three places and for fair-play in all categories.

Matches will be played with ITF certificated balls.

Red clay

Can be reserved by e-mail till the opening of the tournament, after the match schedule is published, or directly at the registration center when the tournament has already began. Training courts costs are not included in the tournament fee and they are extra paid by the tariff of the tennis center, from 5.50 € to 11€ per hour depending on time and date.

Age categories are defined by the year of birth. Players can not play in older age categories.
Sum of years in doubles, according to years of birth, have to be higher than the sum of years in category specification.

Players are playing on their own risk. Organizers do not take responsibility for any registered player, especially for their personal health, medical condition or possible injuries or accidents.

The deadline for canceling the registration is September 4th, 2020 with return of the whole participation fee. After deadline, organizer will return 50% of participation fee. After the tournament has started there will be no return of participation fee. For return of the appropriate amount of registration fee, participation has to be canceled in written form to e-mail address according to specified deadlines.

To all players we want great sport success, and to all participants of the tournament, the competitors and their companions, sport officials, referees and stuff a pleasant stay in Zagreb.

Organizing Committee:
M.Sc. Petar Cota sr., PE, president
Petar Cota jr., M.SC.EE, member
Antonio Obratov, M.SC.EE, member
Mario Radanović, M.SC.EE, member
Josip Samaržija, M.SC.GE, member
Dejan Fabris, M.SC.EE, member
Robert Tudor, M.SC.PE, member

For all other information:,

News & updates

  • 17/09/2020

    First of all, we would like to thank this year's fourth-placed men's singles player and bronze medalist in men's doubles, Mr. Nikica Brusić, who significantly helped to hold this year's tournament. Furthermore, we would like to thank our organizing committee composed of: Antonio Obratov, Dejan Fabris, Robert Tudor, Mario Radanović, Josip Samaržija, Petar Jr. Cota and Petar St. Cota. Special thanks also go to the staff on the ground: Ines Cota and Andro Cota.

  • 13/09/2020

    9th tournament is successfully finished! You can see the photo gallery by clicking on this link and the results in our tab Schedule & results.

  • 01/09/2020

    Registration is prolonged till September 7th so you can still register!

  • 31/07/2020

    EPT 2020 is on! Register till 28.8.